How to choose the right shade of mineral foundation

with Bellapierre you are really lucky that you have such a huge selection of mineral foundations that suit every skin colour and skin complexion type. Bellapierre are of course all natural mineral based makeups and foundations, so they better blend with natural skin like yours. Not like those other foundations that have chemicals, fillers, and talc.

There are 10 different colour and complexion foundations to suit every face in the planet, including yours.

1 Ultra is for a really fair skinned people, those with skins that burn easily in the sun.  Use if your skin is fair with a white under tone. Rather than pink or a honey undertone.

2 Ivory is the foundation for very fair skinned people with honey or sun kissed skin.

3 Latte is for fair skin people with a pink undertone.

4 Cinnamon is our most popular foundation, it’s for fair skinned people who every so often like to have a bit of sun and have a tan or it’s for people who have medium to light skin colour.

5 Nutmeg is also a very popular foundation, it’s for fair skinned people who like bit more of a tan or active people who spend time outdoors.  It also suits people with beautiful medium skin tones.

6 Maple Is also for people who like wearing umber 5 Nutmeg at certain times of the year a colour with bit more depth. Because you so lucky you turn easily with even little sun exposure. Maple is also for people with naturally slightly darker than medium skin.

7 Brown Sugar is for light medium dark skin it comes in 2 different tonal types. The first has a more golden honey under tone. The second has a milk chocolate under tone.

8 Cafe is for people with medium dark skin with pink under tone.

9 Chocolate Truffle is for people with dark skin with chocolate under tones but without a pink or golden undertone.

10 Double Cocoa is for people with very dark chocolate under tone, and is our darkest colour with greatest depth.

The Bellapierre foundation range, will flawlessly blend with you natural skin colour. So you don’t get the nasty make up line or difference between face and neck that other foundations would give.

Bellapierre 100% natural mineral make up gives you the best natural foundation choices for your skin.

It is very import to apply the foundation correctly for best results. So look at my other post on ‘How to use brushes’ for some extra advice on how to get things right.

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